About Us

Gardensel is committed to inspire people to live a healthy gardening lifestyle.

Gardensel is an international B2C online garden prodducts shop.In recent years, we are developing globally at a rapid pace, winning recognition and trust from customers throughout America, Europe, and Australia.

What we want to do is simple: To instill a passion for nature and a love of gardening to all generations to improve environmental health and support human wellbeing.

To support our mission we partner with like-minded companies and people who want to grow their business by increasing the global love of gardening and appreciation for nature, drive stewardship of the Earth and help care for all things that grow.

Staying true to our core values in business helps us create a company we're proud to run and where we are happy to work. Because it’s our responsibility to make sure that while creating beautiful products, we’re also caring for our beautiful planet.

Gardensel offer high quality products on online. Looking for the products you need in our store, every order enjoys 30 days money back guarantee. 

Your satisfaction is we go forward the biggest power!

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Email: info@mail.gardensel.com