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Graffiti Artwork Blind Box Canbot Series

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 Are you ready to help us bring the classic Canbot to the next level?!? Introducing the 3oz Canbot BLINDBOX SERIES [insert wild cheering and screaming!!]. 

Based on the success of the original 5oz figures, Clutter has teamed up with artists from around the world to create a mind-boggling awesome mini-series that makes the Canbot even cuter, while introducing new characters from the Canz universe!

Back us, and you will be the first to get your hands on these amazing 3oz designs by 16 International artists. Just like the 5oz cans that you LOVE, these Canbots also have the signature spray can rattle, and to make it even more exciting, they are blind boxed so you never know which one you will get! 

As with all Designer Toys that Clutter makes, these are LIMITED EDITION. They are collector's items, made to be treasured forever! 

What do you get?

You will be pre-ordering these amazing toys, at a special discount. They will be more expensive when they are available to everyone. Not to mention, no STRESS on the new release drops, you'll already have yours.

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